Koh Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi Island is one of the most popular islands to visit while traveling through southern Thailand. The small island became widely known after the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed here and at the surrounding islands. Besides that, the aqua blue waters, lush mountains, and party like atmosphere are a major draw. This is definitely the place to unwind and attend one of the many beach parties that keep going till the sun comes up!

We spent two days on this little island during our Thailand trip. The only way to get here is by ferry. It’s about a 2 hour boat ride from Phuket and costs around $13 USD round trip.

Koh Phi Phi Island

Things To Do

Booze Cruise

Yup, we did a booze cruise! There are tons of different companies who take you out on longtail boats, catamarans, or even speed boats to the surrounding islands. We went with Captain Bob’s Booze Cruise and actually had a great time. It’s a 6 hour trip, you arrive at the port around 1pm and they take you to all of the main tourist spots in the surrounding islands. Maya Beach, Monkey Beach, Pileh Lagoon, and Loh Samah Bay. It was all you can drink the entire time. So we made sure to get our money’s worth! I don’t recommend this for families as this is definitely a party boat.

Maya Bay. Tons of tourists.


The entire island is one market stall after the next and filled with inexpensive bohemian clothes and trinkets. Inexpensive = you’ll want to fill your entire suitcase with stuff to bring home. You can barter with everyone to bring the price down on whatever you’re trying to purchase.

Party Time!

There are a ton of beachside restaurants that turn into a party when the sun goes down. Just walk around the island until you hear the music and go check one out. They are all usually pretty crowded, but it’s still pretty fun to hang out on the beach and party with a bunch of people from all over the world you just met!

Where To Stay

We stayed at a relatively cheap hotel called Phi Phi Andaman Legacy that was on the other side of the island from all of the late night parties. We didn’t want to be trying to fall asleep to techno music that plays until 5am every night. Since the island is soo small, it only took us about a 10 minute walk to get to the other side. The rooms were nice but nothing spectacular, but we all we really needed was just a place to crash for the night. The hotel had a breakfast every morning so that was a plus. Here’s a link to the hotel website: Phi Phi Andaman Legacy Resort


Koh Phi Phi was a great stop on our Thailand trek that exposed us to a whole new way of life – island life. It’s definitely geared towards a certain crowd and a bit overdeveloped, but don’t let that deter you from visiting.