Railay Beach

Located along the southern coast of Thailand, Railay Beach is actually a peninsula, but feels more like an island thanks to the dense jungle that cuts it off from the rest of Krabi. A mix of dramatic limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches, and thick jungle, Railay truly has it all. But what really makes this spot unique is the vibe you’ll find here. Reggae beats drifting out of bars, the smell of cannabis in the air – it feels more like an island in the Caribbean than a tourist spot in Thailand.

We took another cheap and short flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi airport, then hopped on a taxi to Ao Nang and grabbed a spot on a long-tail boat to Railay. There’s no airport in Railay, so transportation via boat is necessary.

Things To Do

We had two days on Railay Beach and were a little worn out from our last five hectic days in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, so we decided to take it easy and work on our tans during our stay.

Railay West

This is where we spent most of our time. It is the most popular side of Railay and the beach you’ll want to spend most of your time on. Beachfront restaurants and bars make Railay west the type of place you can easily spend an entire day.

Longboats on Railay West

Railay East

Our hotel was located on this side of the peninsula. The beach on this side is covered in mangroves and there isn’t much room to sit on the sand, but this is where most of Railay’s nightlife is located. We enjoyed our nights at the reggae bars and even got to watch a really cool fire show!

Rock Climbing

Tonsai Beach is one of Thailand’s most famous rock climbing destinations, boasting a huge selection of climbing routes on the giant limestone cliff faces. We did not partake in any climbing though, instead we enjoyed our alcoholic beverages on the beach!

Railay Viewpoint

We’re disappointed that we decided not to take the short, yet challenging trek up to the viewpoint. We’ve seen pictures of the view from the top and it is incredible! Make sure you’ve got a pair of closed toe shoes, as the climb isn’t as easy as you think.

Where To Stay

We stayed at the Sunrise Tropical Resort that is located on the east side of Railay Beach. It was a very nice hotel and is reasonably priced. Our room came with breakfast every morning, so that was a major plus. It is within walking distance of the nightlife and a short half mile trek on paved pathways through the jungle to Railay West where the beach is located. Here is a link to their website: Sunrise Tropical Resort


We loved how relaxing our stay was at Railay Beach. It’s hard to complain when all you do is sit on the beach with a cold Chang beer in your hand! We highly recommend staying here for a few days if you have the time to do so!

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